Brighton – A place that “Brightons” up your day ;)

Brighton – more than just the hub of British Youtubers

The first time I was here was back in 2003… I don’t recall much, as I was only 10 years old, but I do remember the stunning Royal Pavilion, being struck by its intricate details. It was somewhat magical finding this Oriental styled architecture in the middle of typical British seaside resort town! I remember wearing my long coat as if it were a royal robe, whilst wondering aimlessly around the grounds, imagining life as a princess, like in the Princess Diaries.


Therefore, for my last weekend in the UK, before I set off for Yale, I decided to revisit Brighton, to rekindle those childhood memories, and make some new ones.

Brighton - Royal Pavillion
Brighton – Royal Pavilion

Tip 1: Travelling to Brighton
If you are deciding between driving or taking public transport – I think I’d recommend taking the train to Brighton, especially if you are making your trip from London.
Return ticket: £7.oo for super off-peak (from London)
Time:  1hr30 each way (= good nap, don’t miss your stop though! :P)
Take the train from St. Pancras International, heading south (Platform A). Purchase tickets before online is probably a good option to securing good bargain. After all, we do love a good bargain! 🙂


Brighton – a hip and trendy town
After these years, Brighton definitely seemed more trendy than what I had remembered. That was exactly what I was expecting, since Brighton seems to be the home of many famous British Youtubers, such as Zoella, Alfie Deyes etc… I have to say, from watching their vlogs, Brighton seems to be filled with quirky little shops, and cute little independent cafes selling yummy foods! If you are bored of shopping in the big city, Brighton is definitely the place to go!


Tip 2: Recommended shops and cafes

  1. Gifts – 4/5
    If you are into cute postcards, random things to decorate your flat with, or some unique cutlery, then Pussy Home Boutique is your place to go. This place stocks plenty of fun pieces, from Moomin mugs to rose gold mirrors, as well as artsy books and Etsy style jewellery. Whether you are buying gifts, or just want to have some fun window-browsing, definitely visit this shop!

    Address: 3a Kensington Gdns, Brighton, East Sussex. BN1 4AL

    Snap with the Moomin
    Snap with the Moomin
  2. Tea – 4/5
    If like me, you enjoy trying out fruit-infused tea, then Bluebird Tea Co. will definitely become your new favourite! This place is so creative with their tea blends, mixing traditional black and green tea with dried fruit and flowers, each giving a unique distinctive flavour. There are plenty of decaff options, so whether you are looking for a morning coffee substitute or the perfect cuppa to help you unwind at the end of the day, this place will probably have the right blend for you! I tried their Pineapple Mint (I know right, pineapple in tea?), and it was delicious! Mint tea is always super refreshing, but can be over-powering and taste a bit like mouthwash. The addition of pineapple and coconut added subtle fruity flavours that made the balance just right, so I’d really recommend!

    Address: 41 Gardner Street, Brighton

  3. Ice-Cream – 6/5!
    There’s no need to go to Italy, I found my dream gelato in Brighton at Gelato Gusto! This award winning artisan ice-cream shop really lives up to its name! I had the most delicious sorbet here – Lycheee & Rose sorbet! The rose could easily have been over-powering, but you could really taste the lychee coming through, with some subtle hints of rose! Imagine eating a delicious bowl of lychees in a rose garden, this sorbet will take you there! I also tried the Elderflower sorbet, it was a very delicate flavour, and I have to say together with the Lychee & Rose, I couldn’t fully appreciate it, because the flavour was too faint in comparison.

    Left: Black Truffle and Honey Gelato Right: Lychee and Rose sorbet Image source: Brighton Style Magazine
    Left: Black Truffle and Honey Gelato
    Right: Lychee and Rose sorbet
    Image source: Brighton Style Magazine

    Price was super reasonable – around £3.30 for two scoops!

    Address: 2 Gardner Street, Brighton (right opposite Bluebird Tea Co.!)


All in all, I’d really recommend Brighton, there’s something for everyone. The perfect combination of relaxing strolls along the beach, and some unique little boutique shops to satisfy your shopping cravings! Brighton truly “brightons” up your day! 😉